Rules were made to be broken. Right? Following the norm gives normal, doing it differently will mostly give awesome findings.
I do not know why this has taken me time but I am grateful. Grateful to share my difference, peoples stories, struggles, challenges, passions, highs and lows capturing it in words.
I am a mother, I love good food, (Who does not),I enjoy listening to music and watching movies, travelling, (though I haven’t done it much but I will for sure). This space offers me an opportunity to share something else I love doing but I have never let out. Writing about things.
Here, I get to write my opinions about anything and everything. You might have a different one which is okay but lets all maintain some decorum.
My name is Hilda Osike and welcome to my writing world. Let us share the fun and experiences. Be part of it.

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Pride Inn Flamingo is located along the Mombasa Malindi Highway in Kilifi County which is 20 kilometers from Mombasa town. Flights through Moi International Airport Mombasa is about 45 minutes to the hotel, 500 kilometers by road from Nairobi and 437 kilometers via SGR, a four hour journey. With friendly and professional staff, Pride Inn … Continue reading FLAMINGO BY PRIDE INN BEACH RESORT AND SPA.


Ever been at a point in your life where you just can’t figure out what is going on? You try to piece things together but they don’t add up? You try to find meaning but your thoughts remain meaningless? These are tough times. I don’t know if you have had them but I have. Not … Continue reading GRACE

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